• When we signed the agreement, the land was outside the development boundary and not allocated for housing.


  • Completed investigations into the ground conditions, ecology, arboriculture, archaeology, roads and drainage.
  • A 100 unit residential scheme was designed.
  • Following a full season of ecology surveys, the scheme was submitted as an outline application with all matters reserved except access.


  • Following numerous objections from a very well organised local residents group and lack of support from the local authority, the application was refused at committee.
  • There were 5 main reasons for refusal, namely, 1. Harm to the character and distinctiveness of the hills to the north of Exeter, 2. The open space fulfills a valuable recreational need, 3. The access would have an impact on the southern boundary hedgebank, 4. A repeat of 3 as there are 2 access points and 5. A lack of S106.
  • Following this refusal an appeal was lodged and all the relevant documents submitted to the inspector and an appeal hearing was granted. 
  • Less than 3 weeks after the hearing, the planning inspector allowed the appeal and issued a consent.
  • From submission of the application to granting of appeal, the process took a little over two and a half years.