If you have land to promote in the South or Southwest, we can:

  • assess the suitability of your land for development
  • prepare a planning application at our cost
  • improve your chances of a successful application
  • help you achieve a sale, at higher value, more quickly


But of course, the land has to be in the right location, and achieving planning permission that maximises its financial potential requires an understanding of the market economics of property development, as well as technical, legal, environmental and architectural knowledge. Not to mention deep pockets, plenty of time and lots of perseverance…


We ask for no up-front payment, and there are no hidden charges either. We merely take a percentage of your land’s final sale value, but only if and when planning consent is granted and its sale has been realised.





Embarking on a project to seek and achieve the appropriate planning permission and then sell the land to the developer who’ll pay the most, is a daunting process, requiring skill, experience and not a little perseverance!


Our process replaces all of this with peace of mind:

  • we only take a fee if the project is successful
  • because we shoulder all the cost, work and risk, naturally we’ll only take on projects where we are confident of success
  • if PP is not achieved, there is nothing for you to pay




Landowners wishing to realise some value from their land, traditionally either:

  1. Try to sell directly to a house-building company. These companies are unlikely to buy it outright without PP in place; they will more than likely create an option to buy it ONLY if and when planning consent is granted. They may well ‘sit’ on the land for many years until they are ready to seek PP and develop the land. When they do buy it from you, they are of course seeking the lowest possible value for it.
  2. Seek planning permission directly. Seeking planning permission is extremely costly, time-consuming and can fail without experience of the process understanding the pitfalls, especially for larger projects.




Working with the Land Promotion Group, by contrast, guarantees a greater chance of a successful application, thanks to our many years’ experience of applying and achieving planning permission for large development projects (see more about who we are).


Compared to selling directly to a developer who wants to pay the lowest possible value for your land, our interests are perfectly aligned with yours: we have the same goal throughout the process to make your land as valuable as possible, achieve planning permission and a sale at the highest value, at the earliest opportunity.





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